Day 29…my other 24 x36 inch metallic canvas

This is the other print I got enlarged. It looks soooo good! It is a piece of art you will enjoy forever….who says your pictures can’t be your artwork hanging in your house? How more personal and unique does it get than that?



4 responses to “Day 29…my other 24 x36 inch metallic canvas

  1. Such beautiful eyes.

  2. Leah Hasselmann

    WOW – gorgeous!!! Absolutely stunning.

  3. I must confess that the picture you did that hangs in our foyer’ , which is 36 x 48″ of our son-in- law holding our newborn grandson in his arm …takes everyones breathe away when they come in. They stand & just stare ” wow that is just beautiful, nicer than a painting & so personal.” Thanks Shelley – with out your wonderful advise, we really feel that we would of not even tried it ourselves. Time to add more!!! Talk to you soon – you really have a talent to add emotion to all your pictures. Bye for now.

  4. I bet this looks amazing on a metallic canvas. This is one of my favorites. Those eyes…wow.

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