My trip to Sylvan Lake

Yesterday I went up to Sylvan Lake to visit my friend Sheryl! We’ve been friends since kindergarten! That’s a LONG TIME!!!! haha! I had a great trip…time by myself to sing as loud as I want in the car without breaking Jeff’s ears!
I left early Monday morning and it was foggy out so we got some Hoar frost! Whoo hoo! Needless to say I had to stop a few times to take some picture’s and I got to Sheryl’s house an hour late ..oops 🙂
Good thing she knows me and figure’s I would have gotten distracted along the way !







3 responses to “My trip to Sylvan Lake

  1. Shelley…those are all so awesome. I love the first one with the post…I’d get that one enlarged too. Great texture.

  2. Geez….#2 totally looks like a postcard. Maybe you should submit it….make a few extra bucks to pay for Jeff’s new D3..hehe.

  3. WOW!!!!!!!! Niiiiice!

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