Ricky & Amanda…the e-session

We had another great evening out with these two. We met Ricky and Amanda about a year ago when they were dating and we did Amanda’s family pictures. I remember saying to them…when you guys get engaged call us! LOL
Here it is months later and we have the pleasure of doing their engagement session and then their wedding next June šŸ™‚
You guys are so right for each other…we love your energy and how you guys are together. Enjoy your sneak peek!












6 responses to “Ricky & Amanda…the e-session

  1. WOW – You have captured Calgary at it’s best!!! The colors are vibrant, but the lovers are very front & center with a beautiful backdrop. You are the one – the one that does the MAGIC!!!!!!!

  2. Great shots Shelley, I love that first one. It really does make Calgary look gorgeous!!

  3. Shelley you totally captured ‘us’!
    Thanks for fitting us in, and for making it so much fun!
    Can’t wait to see the rest!

  4. you guys are so great, I’m not bias cause I think you’re the best photographer ever!!! Don’t ever EVEN THINK about changing careers……these are proof!!! Love how you captured them and the colors are wonderful.

  5. awwwwe…that last one..the backlight is beautiful

  6. very good!
    loved your site.

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