Todd & Amy…the wedding part 2

Here’s a few more…
Ok I have a weakness… I adore shots of the bridal party jumping..I love it when they ask if we can do that shot…the expressions on people’s faces are priceless and I always enjoy going through them during the editing process. Laughing out loud when there is only your dog to hear you is not crazy it???

I like the belt buckle pic…Amy told me she had a “weak moment, a lapse in judgement” when she said it was okay for Todd to buy the guys belt buckles for prezzies! haha I didn’t even really notice them… until they “showed them off” We had a fun time and there were so many good one’s it was hard to choose..

Enjoy 🙂












4 responses to “Todd & Amy…the wedding part 2

  1. these are fabulous, but then again your work is ALWAYS fabulous.

  2. the last shot of all the guys is amazing and so classy, you should definately use that for marketing material, it rocks!!!!

  3. What a fun wedding! Nice ring picture!

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