My new nephew..Adam

We were recently in Summerland to visit my new little nephew Adam. He is a sweet little boy and is so good, I love his fresh little baby smell and his fuzzy little head. I have to admit though Carson steals the show every time..he is such a little character. He loves attention and he’s always laughing and smiling. He just melts my heart when he calls me auntie Shelley or takes my hand to show me where he wants me to go! I did buy him his first camera…got to get them trained young!
Our visit was not nearly long enough and I was so sad to leave them.




Me and Carson and his first camera that I got him

Grandpa and Carson



3 responses to “My new nephew..Adam

  1. OH THESE PICTURES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I had tears and such love for you capturing the images that will be treasured for all time. Thank you so, so much. (that doesn’t even come close to the feelings I have.) It must bring such joy to you to share your perfect family pictures to your friends.

  2. LOVE that shot of you with him and his first camera, beyond cute!! Hey I tagged you on a quick little quirky survey on my blog 🙂

  3. auntie shelly! i can tell how much you adore them thru these photos!

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