I was tagged…

I got tagged but I am cheating here..I am not sending it on because every other photographer I know is losing their minds right now so I won’t add to their workload!
Thanks for tagging me Camille 🙂


– Link to the person who tagged me camilleelisephotographer.blogspot.com

– Reveal seven quirky and/or weird facts about yourself

You asked for it…well, actually you didn’t, but here it is anyways:
1. I cut all the seeds out of my tomatoes before I eat them
2. I love to dress the same as Jeff so we “match” even though that drives him crazy..hee heee.
3. I like the smell of liquor stores..I always have..I know that’s a weird one.
4. I tell Jeff and my family I love them every time I talk to them on the phone, it doesn’t matter if it’s 5 times that day.
5. I like to put my Christmas tree up on Nov 11th so I have time to enjoy it.
6. I have an overwhelming desire to turn on the car windshield wipers when going through a carwash.
7. I love the taste of desert first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee…forget after dinner!

As I started this list I realized how many more I could have added to the list. hahaha

ADD a comment about your most crazy quirky and/or weird facts about yourself..we all need to have a laugh and not take ourselves to seriously!


2 responses to “I was tagged…

  1. This is great…I love learning about your little quirks. I wish the list was longer.

  2. I had fun reading this 🙂 I take all the seeds out of tomatoes too! It drives Jamie crazy! LOL

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