Tanis & Mark…the e-session

These two are so meant for each other, we had such a blast doing their photos. Quick to laugh, sweet loving gazes at each other, easy conversation, hugs and kisses..these two are what a great couple is! They are getting married in July and we are so stoked to be part of their wedding day 🙂
They brought their two fur babies along for a few pic’s and there is one posted below that has to be my favourite one ever..they are kissing and both the dogs were staring at them! LOL
It was a little chilly out but you guys braved the cold and tried anything we suggested and that was AWESOME!


7 responses to “Tanis & Mark…the e-session

  1. Great job! Many wonderful shots as always!

  2. BEAUTIFUL- They are perfect and you captured their love for each other wonderfully!

  3. NICE work Shelley and Jeff!!! Their e-session is GORGEOUS! No wonder there are so many pics 😀

  4. Gorgeous images! This couple must be over the moon for these portraits!

  5. Love the pics!! They made great Christmas gifts. We had tons of fun with you guys – can’t wait for the wedding! Thank goodness you can’t tell in the pics how cold it was out, or how our fur babies were misbehaving!!

  6. Thanks for the comments Shelly! Beautiful pictures…LOVE the first and the road ones!!

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