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Rolly polly cuteness!

I thought I would just share a few of sweet little Miss A she is just so chubby and cute!






My new nephew..Adam

We were recently in Summerland to visit my new little nephew Adam. He is a sweet little boy and is so good, I love his fresh little baby smell and his fuzzy little head. I have to admit though Carson steals the show every time..he is such a little character. He loves attention and he’s always laughing and smiling. He just melts my heart when he calls me auntie Shelley or takes my hand to show me where he wants me to go! I did buy him his first camera…got to get them trained young!
Our visit was not nearly long enough and I was so sad to leave them.




Me and Carson and his first camera that I got him

Grandpa and Carson


I am an Auntie again!!!!

Yayyy!!! I am an Auntie again and Carson is a big brother:) (That’s him below)
Little Adam Weston came into this world a 7:12 pm weighing in at 8 lbs 3oz we think! My mom was so excited she didn’t really remember any details other than his name!
I will be out in Summerland BC to do Adam’s newborn pictures on the 25th…can’t wait..
Congrats Chan, Mark and Carson…We love you sooooo much!
hmmmm…now to go shopping…


Total cuteness!

Okay..I HAD to post these three pic’s. These two cute little ladies graced my studio with their giggles and smiles. I love how little Miss “A” looks at her sweet baby sister. These images seem to capture the innocence of two carefree and very happy little girls.




A beautiful maternity session….

Beautiful Mrs. C came to get her maternity pic’s done and we got some wonderful images…below are a couple to share..
She is a professional Belly Dancer and I met her at Catherine & Emad’s wedding where she was’s amazing how she moves..What’s even more incredible is that she is due in 6 weeks!

As many of you may have noticed I have not been posting any baby/maternity or family pic’s over the last couple of months. I will be re-vamping my website when I get some time (probably in January 2009) and I want a lot of the images to be fresh! So please do not be offended if I haven’t blogged you…look for your faces come Jan 🙂



Melanie & Darren’s prenatal session…

These two are perfect for each other…Darren is extremely funny and sweet, he makes Mel laugh. This is a couple who are madly in love and who love being together. Their new little addition will fit in nicely. I had so much fun with these two and I can’t wait to meet the new baby whether it be a boy or a girl…my guess is a boy! Time will tell if I am right 🙂






Baby pictures…

Here’s Mr “T” at 7 month’s old. I just love this age….they are so expressive, chubby and cute! It is my favourite time to photograph babies…when they can sit up but they can’t get away from me! hee hee
He loved being naked on that white fur..I mean really…who wouldn’t?? My favourite pic is the one where he is facing away from me…he looks so cute sitting there with his little bare bum!