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ARF 2009 Calendar


I had the pleasure in being asked to photograph a pet for the ARF calendar this year. I was more than happy to help out. I got to photograph Yoshi… he was a sweet boy who LOVED dried cranberries for snacks and LOVES to dig so once he settled into his little hole here, he gave me a big yawn, I caught it and that’s the one they chose to use much to my delight 🙂

Please help support this wonderful organization (ARF’s mission is to rescue stray and unwanted dogs and cats from First Nations and rural areas and place them in loving, permanent homes while providing programs to reduce pet over-population.)
This is a huge fundraiser for them and below is the link that shows you where you can purchase these really nice calendars (only $10ea) A shout out to all the other photographers who volunteered their time and Tanya for the superb work putting organizing the whole thing..I can’t wait to see who I get to photograph next year 🙂


Happy Canada Day! Guinness is 6 month’s old…

Our puppy is 6 months old already! We found out he loves the water, we just had to coax him in the first time. As you can see he decided it was pretty cool! I hadn’t posted pic’s of our little boy in a while, maybe because he’s in his geeky teenage years, LOL.

I love this picture of my two boys 🙂








His first bath….

Guinness needed a bath, so I am not in his good books right now…he looked soooo sad. He was a little bigger than I thought he was so using the kitchen sink was maybe not the best idea 🙂 He was good and sat through everything but water was everywhere. We now have a nice smelling fluffy ball of fur…








Calgary Photographers..out for some fun!

 A group of us Calgary Photographers met down at Fish Creek Park on Saturday afternoon to practice some techniques and to go out and do a bit of shooting for ourselves! What a great bunch of people…we all learned something from everyone. I think it’s great when we all help each other to better ourselves and our work!

 As you can see I used Guinness as my model quite a bit, I think Jeff is happy to get a break for a bit 🙂

After about two hours we were chilled to the bone and all met up at Brewsters for a drink and some dinner… then off to Claire’s house for a glass of wine and some visiting! We are going to try to do this more often. Next time will be downtown…watch out people…I am going to call on a past client to be my model….








(Below) Linda and Leah! For once there were more Nikon

photogs than Canon!


 (below) hee hee poor pup! I thought it would be cute if I put

him on this little wooden chair…he was okay with it for 10 seconds.


(below) Jeff and Guiness!

(below) He loved watching all the action!

(below) Me and the mutt..I love the long yellow grass


(below) this pic of her! Now she finally has one for her profile pic.

(below)  This is Sam , Claire’s new assistant! hee hee I stole her as a model too!calgaryphotographerasiseeitphotography35.jpg





(Below) This is Leah, she is new to the PPOC and she’s

so eager to learn everything and she’s a wonderful person!





(below) here’s the group of us…funny thing is there was soooo much money

in equipment sitting around and as per usual us photogrphers were off and not

watching our stuff! haha! Good thing Guinness was there to watch over it.

(below) Claire and Jeff doin their thang..

We were practicing using our flash’s in manual mode.

(below) one more of Claire! she avoiding me???

More of Guinness!

Okay…I know I am acting like a crazed mother that takes 1 million pictures and they all somewhat look the same to everyone else but so different to her! haha.
Guinness made it through the night with no accidents, yippee! Midnight until 8am! Wow I hope this keeps up 🙂

I think I am dead to Echo right now…she doesn’t like how much attention I give the new guy but Jeff is home tonight so she will be happier then.

They played a bit together on their morning walk but Guinness doesn’t understand the “collie” rules of how to play. I can see Echo think’s he’s a dummy!

Anyhoo back to client stuff! I just had to share…..oh…he didn’t bark at the camera this morning and he’s already sitting 75% of the time when I tell him…he’s brilliant!