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This time of year is really busy for us so the other morning I decided to take a little “me” time.
I grabbed a Starbucks and went out to photograph the sunrise.
Sometimes you just need to take a few minutes for yourself…breathe…and take life in.


Day 30 ….more snow

More snow….but this was supper fluffy snow! Here’s a nice close shot of some snow flakes.


(Below) I liked the pattern the snow made on the grate…someone driving by slowed down to see what the heck I was taking a picture of… Yes I am a nerd! haha


(Below) I little drip of water on a icicle…you can see the fence in the drip!


 (Below) Little puff’s of snow in the top’s of the wind chime


….and one of our furry kid, Echo!


I yearn for summer…sigh

I came across this image and decided to post it….it is still one of my favorite pictures. I am also having this one printed…I decided to crop it into a panorama….12″ x 36″ I can’t wait to see it!
I am slowly filling all the frames that hang empty on the walls. I have so many picture’s to choose from I tend to put off the decision making on those kinds of things!


Day 27..snow in Calgary…again

We got a little precipitation today…I was hoping for rain though, NOT SNOW! I have been super busy here so I haven’t had time to do a lot of creative blogging here the last couple of days 🙂
I did want to mention something though…
Sometimes I am asked why I don’t post all my sessions on the blog…
My answer would be that sometimes people like their privacy and don’t want to be “out there” so I respect that 🙂


Day 26…Canvas Prints

I decided to get a couple of canvas prints done up as studio samples. Both are 24″ x36″ …this is one I had printed for our bathroom in the studio. They are a metallic canvas and look awesome…don’t be afraid to go big…one favorite print enlarged as a piece of “art” has wayyyy more impact than a dozen 5×7’s.


Day 22

This is a picture I took last spring..I forgot how much I like it! Right now I am soo busy, I decided I would cheat..hee heee.


Day 21

Okay..I am getting desperate here…bird pictures! Haha this little guy landed on the fence…it is soooo nice out today and all the little birds are out chirping and poking around.