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I was tagged…

I got tagged but I am cheating here..I am not sending it on because every other photographer I know is losing their minds right now so I won’t add to their workload!
Thanks for tagging me Camille 🙂


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– Reveal seven quirky and/or weird facts about yourself

You asked for it…well, actually you didn’t, but here it is anyways:
1. I cut all the seeds out of my tomatoes before I eat them
2. I love to dress the same as Jeff so we “match” even though that drives him crazy..hee heee.
3. I like the smell of liquor stores..I always have..I know that’s a weird one.
4. I tell Jeff and my family I love them every time I talk to them on the phone, it doesn’t matter if it’s 5 times that day.
5. I like to put my Christmas tree up on Nov 11th so I have time to enjoy it.
6. I have an overwhelming desire to turn on the car windshield wipers when going through a carwash.
7. I love the taste of desert first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee…forget after dinner!

As I started this list I realized how many more I could have added to the list. hahaha

ADD a comment about your most crazy quirky and/or weird facts about yourself..we all need to have a laugh and not take ourselves to seriously!


Wednesday Humour….

Our wedding last Saturday took place in this gorgeous church but is located in an “interesting” part of calgary..lot’s of street people. Jeff & I loved this sign in the parking lot!


Happy Father’s Day

I just wanted to wish all the Dad’s out there a great day!

I hope you all found a bit of time to spend with your loved ones, whether it be in person or over the phone.

And to my Dad…I love you sooo much and wished we lived closer so I could give you a big hug 🙂



Feeling guilty….

I got sooo used to posting almost every day I am feeling bad it’s been a couple day’s since my last post. I will get some stuff up tonight or tomorrow, I have been quite busy this week, doing headshots for various companies, meeting and booking some wonderful couples for 2009 and editing, editing, editing! I am looking forward to this weekend’s weather though, enough winter already….I am sure everyone feels like this right about now! Whoo hoo I have some sessions outside this weekend, come on mother nature bring us that sun!

Wordpress ugh!

Well wordpress has gone and changed some things and quite frankly I am not really happy. We are having issues posting verticle picture’s as well as some other things so please be patient! I have alot of stuff I want to blog but until we figure this out it’s going to be slow going…..

I get the dirty ones!!!!!

Saturday was chillier than we would have liked but all 41 people came out for their family photo dressed in black and white and in excellent spirits. I had to post these two picture’s…I was working on a group as I heard someone yell ” I get the dirty ones!!” Jeff and I turned around to see a bin of candy had dropped on the ground and the three closest children were on the mess like no-body’s business! haha…In the first picture you will notice the little guy in the upper left corner is stuffing candy in his mouth as fast as he can before someone catches him!!!
Kids are so funny 🙂



A shootsac for me whoo hoo!

These are super cool,  fun  and they carry all the equipment I need !

Jessica Claire came up with this delicious little bag….check out her site…