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Day 9

Up at 3 am but really it seems like 2am because of the time change…ack…I was a zombie…Jeff seemed quite awake…not sure why.
I got a beautiful pic of the Rockies on the way home it’s uaually cloudy when we fly over them.

We had a wonderful trip and are all relaxed and ready for the wedding season!



Day 8

Off the ship and back in LA for a day so we rented a car and went to Santa Monica Pier. It was so nice out so we cruised the coast and ended up here. We hung out, checked out all the street vendors, walked along the beach and had our picture taken in a photo-booth. It is horrible…but so frickin funny. We thought we were in a booth that did a filmstrip but apparently this one only took one so I am smiling and Jeff kept making all these stupid faces and you should see how it turned out! O lordy…I will scan it and post it tonight…

The last picture is of a ring Jeff bought me while we were in LA…as many of you may or may not know I don’t wear my wedding rings because the size of my fingers change so much during the day…they often fall off if my hands get cold. Sooo I quit wearing them in fear of loosing them so Jeff bought me this beautiful ring and because it is not joined to another ring I can put a little sizer thing in it so it won’t fall off. He’s so we won’t get weird looks when people see Jeff has a ring on and I don’t!!!

I just have to add that Jeff is the Master of the fish eye lens…these are sooo cool!




Day 7

Day at sea….Here’s a couple from that night’s show….in the bottom picture they are doing their own take on the movie Titanic…a good choice when you are on a ship??? Is that some kind of sick joke? haha
Just to put a little more salt in the wound…I beat Jeff 13 times in a row at crazy eight’s! I thought he was going to throw me overboard..feed me to the sharks! haha



Day 6

Cabo San Lucas…it is beautiful and so different from our other two stops. We went out on a grey whale watching tour, saw the Sea Lions up close and had a wonderful morning out on the water. We did see some whales but mostly just their backs as they crested the waters surface! I am going to post all our holiday pictures in a gallery within a few weeks so you can see them all.


 (below) we must have 100 different pictures of Pelicans…Jeff and I are nuts…here’s one of the gang.



 (below) this one was taken early morning when it was hazy out and the sun was just coming up as we headed out to do some whale watching. We did see some …they are quite ugly!


Day 5

Mazatlan! I love this place…Jeff took a picture of me holding a huge Iguana but I will save that for later!!! I love critters…it was funny to watch most of the women around cringe in horror that I was holding a lizard! haha
We toured around the city by cab and then spent the afternoon hanging around old town … scouring the streets for cool buildings, visiting the local market and then lounging around a bit enjoying a drink and having some handmade chips and fresh salsa!





(below) this picture is for Dawn who was just down in Mazatlan and her battery died on her camera before she got a picture of a pigs head! haha Here you go…..

I swear this place almost made me want to become a vegetarian….


Day 4

Puerto Vallarta! We just got off the ship and hung around the’s a few pic’s…


(below) Imagine my surprise when I saw a Starbucks here..actually they are getting a Costco and have Walmart much for a change in scenery…

This is how the little Mexican Barista spelled my name…hmmm..I have never seen it spelled like that before 🙂


(Below) WOW this is the most I have ever paid for a coffee! Looked bad at first but it was in Pesos.


(Below) Ha ha! These big chairs had butt cheeks so here is Jeff trying to cop a feel !!!


(below) A beautiful Macaw parrot, they are so cool.


(below) You cannot go to a beach in Mexico without seeing at least one of these fishing boats…


Day 3

This was the second day on the ship and again we lazed around…hee hee.
Here’s some picture’s of the show Princess Cruises put on that night! It was awesome!
No flash photography but that was no problem for me with my D3!