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A New Year..a new blog!!! Click on the link below…

Our new blog link

Hey there!

We have a brand new blog that is so awesome…

This one is sooooo last year! LOL


Tanis & Mark…the e-session

These two are so meant for each other, we had such a blast doing their photos. Quick to laugh, sweet loving gazes at each other, easy conversation, hugs and kisses..these two are what a great couple is! They are getting married in July and we are so stoked to be part of their wedding day 🙂
They brought their two fur babies along for a few pic’s and there is one posted below that has to be my favourite one ever..they are kissing and both the dogs were staring at them! LOL
It was a little chilly out but you guys braved the cold and tried anything we suggested and that was AWESOME!

I was tagged…

I got tagged but I am cheating here..I am not sending it on because every other photographer I know is losing their minds right now so I won’t add to their workload!
Thanks for tagging me Camille 🙂


– Link to the person who tagged me

– Reveal seven quirky and/or weird facts about yourself

You asked for it…well, actually you didn’t, but here it is anyways:
1. I cut all the seeds out of my tomatoes before I eat them
2. I love to dress the same as Jeff so we “match” even though that drives him crazy..hee heee.
3. I like the smell of liquor stores..I always have..I know that’s a weird one.
4. I tell Jeff and my family I love them every time I talk to them on the phone, it doesn’t matter if it’s 5 times that day.
5. I like to put my Christmas tree up on Nov 11th so I have time to enjoy it.
6. I have an overwhelming desire to turn on the car windshield wipers when going through a carwash.
7. I love the taste of desert first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee…forget after dinner!

As I started this list I realized how many more I could have added to the list. hahaha

ADD a comment about your most crazy quirky and/or weird facts about yourself..we all need to have a laugh and not take ourselves to seriously!

Thank you

There are no picture’s on this post I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the great clients that are now friends out there. I keep in contact via e-mail or phone with so many of my couples come the wedding day we are friends…I look forward to doing picture’s of their children and families. I love to see the picture’s from their honeymoons or hear about their adventures. I love your comments on my blog. I think it’s neat to be able to see your children grow and change, to meet and document all those special people or times in your lives.

I am a very lucky person to have crossed paths with so many of you and as I sit here having my morning coffee I thought instead of just thinking about it, that I should write a thank you!

Have a wonderful Tuesday,